• Corporate and social events: meetings, seminars, training, and gala evenings

  • Cultural and entertainment events: festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, dance, shows, and theatrical performances

  • Sports events: competitions, tournaments, races, and team-building events

  • Trade shows and fairs: management of exhibition stands

  • Charitable events: fundraising and awareness raising for charitable causes and non-profit organizations

  • Fashion events: fashion and the promotion of new brands

  • Gastronomic events: tastings, culinary festivals, cooking classes, and gastronomic evenings showcasing local and international cuisine

  • Wedding and celebration events: coordination of weddings, birthdays, private parties, and other special celebrations

  • Technology events: innovation, technology fairs, and new product launches

  • Events related to the financial industry: online banking showcases, finance conferences, investor meetings, and networking events

  • Events related to international organizations: collaboration with UN, NGOs, International Organisations, and Embassies around their goals and missions

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